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Ogallala Baptist Church

God's work, God's way

Ogallala Baptist Church began in 2019 as a church restart of Lighthouse Baptist Church. Men of God, from various Baptist Churches in the surrounding area, filled the pulpit each Sunday until such a time when a man would assume the pastorate.

November 2020, the Cullison family moved to Ogallala, NE to minister at Ogallala Baptist Church. Sent out of Bible Baptist Church in Glenwood, IA, the Cullison family is excited about what God has in store for Ogallala and the church to which they were called.

The Cullison Family

Robert, Amber
Asher, Gracie, Samuel

Amber and Robert lived the majority of their childhoods near Olathe, KS. Amber began attending Faith Baptist Church at the age of 3 by way of the Bus Ministry. She accepted Christ as her Saviour a few years later. Robert first attended Faith Baptist School during his High School years, which eventually led to him attending Faith Baptist Church during his senior year. 

The Lord’s leadership and provision took both of them to Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK. In 2009, while attending Heartland, Robert accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Robert graduated from Heartland in 2010 and moved to Glenwood, IA to begin an internship at Bible Baptist Church which blossomed into an opportunity to minister for over 10 years. Amber graduated from Heartland in 2011, and a couple weeks later, on May 21, 2011, Amber and Robert were married. The Lord has blessed their family with three children, Asher, Gracie, and Samuel.

While serving in Glenwood, they were blessed to be able to labor in many different areas. They worked directly with teens and children, but they were also able to contribute to the music ministry, bus ministry, and general building improvements of Bible Baptist Church.

The details of how God led them to Ogallala were extensive and clear. They know God intends to do something tremendous in Ogallala, NE, and they are so thankful to be a part of what He is doing.

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